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(29 | 05 | 2007 - 13:43 - reactions: 0) sonic
news from Koepi
at the moment its horrible in berlin, especially around koepi and in
kreuzberg and friedrichshain. many things happened
first some infos about koepi.
our new owner still didnt pay the whole money and he told our lawyer
that he wants to come and watch the koepi place. (he bought the house
and the trailorpark). the trailorpark could be evicted everyday right
now those are the most actualinfos right now.
now i will tell you what happened around köpi and in berlin.
the repressions are getting more and more.

- the morning after the koepi auction the cops started a big searching
of flats, projects and squats. in whole germany they searched for some
evidence of "anti g8 terrorism" in 40 places. from this 40 places
were 16 in berlin. in the evening was a big spontanious! demonstration
with more than 5000 people.

- some time ago, people from the house went to visit the brother of
our new owner who has as well an agency and is dealing with houses.
after a while he allowed the people to come in and talk, instead of
talking he called the cops and some of our people were arrested.

- last week, sunday night the cops attacked the trailorpark
"kreuzdorf" at mariannenplatz. it started
that the cops came because there was a party and the music was too
loud. after a while 2 civil cops came to there and started to attack 2
women from there with pepperspray and sticks that it escalated in a
fight. after that action 8 civil cops came there. the people from
kreuzdorf started that time first to attack them with bottles and
stones. after that 100 cops went there and arrested 11 people.

- saturday night: some message was going around that nazis attack the
trailorpark "schwarzer kanal". many people from the concert in koepi
went there. it came out that they were not attacked, just some
football hooligans got in fight with each other in front of there.
after many people arrived, the cops closed the street and arrested 8
people because they are under suspect that they burned some cars. 2
cars were burning somewhere around the neighbourhood. they kept all
the clothes of the people and they had to sit in the prison with
plasticbags around their hands for 12 hours cause they search for

- this morning the squat rigaer 84 was burning. the whole roof and the
4th floor is destroyed and it looks like never again the people can go
back to their house. its not clear why it was burning.
(its not the first time that squats were somehow burning. it is a
simple solution to evict squats.)

- there were some more small things happening but its not that
relevant. the most important things which happenend i wrote now in the
short version.

its a big repression wave coming on all of us and we dont know what
will happen next. the cops are everywhere and at the moment on each
day and night 200 civil cops are on the streets.

we called out an global action day for koepi on june 12th and an
international demo on june 16th.
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