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(04 | 10 | 2008 - 22:13 - reactions: 0) Jirzophone
Obstacles – Decomposition of Movement

After Children of Fall broke up, guitarist Thomas and drummer Morten (Danish section COF) started a new band called Obstacles. On their first European tour Emil from COF played bass, but long distance displayed its bad side. Before their second Eurotour, the new Obstacles lineup recorded 6 songs called “Decomposition of Movement” and put it out themselves. From the first listen there is strong musical progression from COF. This time around, mood is dominant, which is in a different position in each song. Impulsively structured songs allow the excellent musicians’ bravura execution, each instrument’s sound weaves through the other to form one lithe body. The dominant math-rock structure guarantees complexity, at the same time augmenting moody slow sections. And this is the right time for synthesizer or to crush the ironic sounding bass, typical of countrymen Lack. The instrumental music of Obstacles tells stories with no words. Their conception and work with music is very similar to bands like GSYBE or FROM MONUMENT TO MASES, but their samples speak more than a thousand page text. For example the fifth song, “This city is a desert”, is taken from the name of riots started after the closure of the Danish squat Undomsghuset. This debut is well-dressed in beautiful paper packaging. Nice work.

bute prvn kdo zde zanech svj nzor
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