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The Interview with Seb / WE GONNA FIGHT zine
The interview is from Czech zine HLUBOKA ORBA issue 26.

1. Could you introduce your zine to people who have never seen it? What about your others activities?
Well which zine are you talking about cos I do/participate to several! Well the one which might interest your readers is called We’re Gonna Fight. The first one I did and it is the one in englsih and the most important one for me. One issue a year now, I takes like 6/8 months to distro it, 4 to do it. Next issue in november 06, the 9th. It’s totally focused on ‘exotic’ scenes, here I use exotic for far away, really underground, unheard places. And most of the times these places are quite remote economicaly with less freedom than in France. I also talk a lot about what happened to me in my life, my travels, the zine has reviews, interviews, scene reports, columns... nothing that special/original. But the distribution is a bit special cos I send master copies to friends in far away places and they nicely re copy it. I also send 90% of the copies for free. Wouldn’t it be weird to talk about solidarity and selling the zine to people earning so much less money than ‘us’:french. So my zine isn’t for free, but almost! And I think that it is a big amount of lecture!
Well I used to be involved with the french anarko punk federation but I left it cos some people really pissed me off and with other people we do a new collective zine in french (Karnage). In the a.p.f. most of my energy was dedicated to Contre Culture, our collective zine where I could spread news from exotic scenes. Now I started a mini zine in spanish language cos I’ll go next month (may) in Peru/Bolivia for 2 months so I want to spread news there as well (you know that many people there can’t understand englsih that much, or not at all). I also have a label with a split cd with 2 asian bands on it (co-production with Maloka) and I dub the tapes I brought back from Asia and sell them for very cheap (cheap for western European), and do trades, have a distro... well I will not give more details! And about my activities beside the ‘punk world’: read another answer!

2. Your zine comes with "International", "Political", "Vegan", "SXE" sub-title, what these words mean to you - I ask because same words can have very different meanings for different people.
Well I put theses words like this people can have a little idea about what I support, the last issues also have ‘an anarko punk publication’ written. Well International cos it’s what the zine is really into, political cos what isn’t political? And I don’t want to spend lot of time/money/energy to ask a band its favorite bands, its influence but rather talk about the world issues and what’s going on around people far away. Vegan? Because I try to be! and animal liberation is a very important thing for me, for lot of reasons, even though I don’t talk much about that in my zine. Or not everytime. About sxe, well for me it’s clear that drugs (legal or not) are bringing more problems than solution, for most of the people. It’s like paying for your death and once you want to stop these drugs then it is difficult cos they are drugs. Drugs are the opposite of freedom of choice. I also don’t like what has been linked for a long time with cigarettes/alcohol. Until like 25 years ago, here, if you didn’t drink or smoke you weren’t a ‘real’ man, you were boring, no fun. Drugs can also make stupid and violent people more stupid and violent. Plus it is a lot of money to the state (taxes), mafias, and really fucked up companies having a lot of power to impose their poisons.
Now I can make a diference between people drinking alcohol cos they like the taste (you know my parents drink wine but are never drunk) or just like to drink a few beers like that to be more happy, let’s say less stressed or less shy. But in general I hate drugs and I see people like victim of them, not stupid. Even if when I see all these teenagers with starting to smoke just to look like adult, cool, conform... then I find it soooo lame.
Well I’d need really more space to talk deeply about these issues, once again the best is to read my zine!

3. I find it really interesting that some of the long-time supporters of "exotic/3rd world" hardcore/punk scenes come from France - like Fred/Darbouka Records, Luuk/TAM 89 Rec., Yann Boisleve/ex-International SXE zine or you - I think you know well these guys, did their work inspired you to start your zine? Tell us more about your motivations in the beginning of W.G.F. zine and how this motivation changed during the years.
Sure they influences me, I spoke on the phone with all of them, and met Yann. Yann is the one who influenced me the most with his intl’ sxe bull. cos it was a zine I could read each 8 months while tam 89/darbouka ‘just’ put out records, Luk did a zine long time ago and Fred darbouka hasn’t been puting out his mini zine since so many years. I’ve always been thinking that it was a shame that darbouka/tam 89 gave very cheap infos about the records they put out. You know when I put out my split cd I wrote long text to explain the situation there etc. Maybe it’s because they put out recs where there are really few things to say (for exemple Bolivia who is so underground) and certainly because they are very busy, I don’t have any doubt about how much they want to support these scenes. But Yann did big booklet, shared lot of news through his zine so it was a great inspiration source. But not that much for starting wgf zine. Yes the first issue wasn’t that international, I did it with a friend who is still very active. I just wanted to do a zine, I had a very old computer, no printing machine. Then it costed so much money, only 70 copies made, lot of space wasted so I stoped doing it for like 1 ½ year.
But then I met that guy playing in Container Crusties From Hell, just coming back from Malaysia/Philippines, talking to me about these places, it was so ‘exotic’ for me back then. It is also at that time that the intl’ sxe bull.did its last issue with still so many contacts.
So motivation to do a second issue came back. With some clear new plugs (directions). The layout had to be better, really focused on exotic scenes, and I knew I’d lose lot of money but I knew why: to support those really poorer countries ruled by more oppressive systems, and often more conservative. So since the second issue the formula is established. It was THE big change.
What evolved since then? I have a better computer, use internet more with my home connection. But I can also speak spanish and it really helped for south america, same for indonesian language. I travelled 2 times in south east asia, bringing back lot of music, established some strong contacts helping me for the distribution. It’s important to know that without them I’d be nothing, I can’t afford to send 250 zines (or 300 or 500?) in these countries. They copy it from the master copy I send them. I also start to ‘get a name’ in some places so it is a reward for all the energy/money put inside this. Another important thing, I read a lot since 3 years, lot about geopolitics, situation in these countries. So I guess that I say a bit less stupid/wrong things!
So with all that my motivation can only increase. It might sound that I talk big but I really feel that this zine can be a good tool for sharing news, knowledge, different point of view. Some people in South East Asia told me that they knew very few about Peru or Venezuela, Chile, only some bands. Sio when an anarko punk band like Generacion Perdida (who only speaks spanish) from Peru, give me long answers about their country, then the ‘punk/hc’ people in Jakarta or Manila or... can read about what tehy have to say. I never met anyone in s.e. asia speaking spanish, for exemple. And on the other hand I will put out a kind of mini wgf zine in spanish talking a lot about s.e. asia scenes (itw, reviews, news, facts) and I hope that all these people who can’t really dig english will have the opportunity to know more about these places. Languages are barriers. By the way, Filip, you’ll have to translate that so you know what I mean!
Also newspapers/books are very expensive in many places plus there are censorships so I’m happy that some people can get these news/knowledge for cheap through my zine. Yes I know I might sound pretentious but that is a reality. And the most brutal thing must have been my pamphlet agaisnt religion. For sure few people in indo/m’sia/s’pore often read anything like that, these history facts, that way of thinking. Now I’m sure that some will hate me for that but if it can ring a bell to some who have always been listening to the same speech/truth (here Islam) then that’s nice. In wgf 9 there will be a long text about the Palestine arae from 1900 to 1977. Once again I don’t think that in M’sia or Indo they can easily read anything positive about Israel, and something that negative about the palestine resistance (at a global scale).
So all that mean more motivation to continue to do the zine, having a bigger distribution, read more books, travel more, having more conversations.... the thing I really need is time!

4. Tell us more about your travels - which far away countries/places you visited and when? How do you find about punx in these exotic countries?
Ouuhhh what a dangerous question! You want me to fill your zine alone!
Well I’ve been in Indonesia/Malaysia/Singapore for 2 months in 2001. In 2004 I went for 3 months in the same countries plus Philippines. I went one time in Poland/Czech/Slovak rep (do pitchi!) in 2002, one month. In 2003 Spain, one month again. And when you will read that I’ll be in Peru/Bolivia if Filip’s zine is out before early july.
How I found them, well I had a few contacts by friends or by reading zine from there, internet started to get big in 2001. An once you know one peso you knwo another cos you are introduced to them.
Now if you wonder what I think about them read my zine! Well like I said in M’sia/s’pore/Indo the place of religion and believes in god is really different. But the economical situation too. Few bands own their instrument, trading/buying music from abroad is very very expensive. Many people can’t by books or newspaper, school is very expansive, more censorships than here and the red line to bring repression is more quickly crossed.
But tons of bands, more than 100 in Jakarta, several gigs every week-ends. The youth is very numerous in these countries. A zine can be a very informative tool cos no censorships and cheap. But lot of stupid gossips as well from what I’ve been told. In Philippines the 2 gigs I saw where weird cos 90% of the people were sitting on the ground! Both time, and I saw videos it was the same. Some distros in the street, lot of tapes and pirated cdr. These are some remarks coming in my head, but lot of others things could be written! Read my zine for that. And things evolve quicky there as well.
Ah very important: lot of very good music, really! In all style.

5. I am sure that on your travels you must meet some very interesting people or bands, but on the other hand sometimes it can be also pretty difficult. So which were some of the high-lights on one side and down-falls on other hand of your "exotic" travels?
The high-lights? Meeting people you are in mail/email contact with since a long time, seeing some bands playing live, knowning that they will never go to lay in your place. Finding musik very easily, see the environment of these people, the realities to play in/support a band there, how their gigs are organised. Meeting people you don’t know telling you that they like your zine. Having the chance to go in my friend home to meet their family, see how it’s like there. Most of the french who are traveling in s.e. Asia only go to hotel you know. Meeting that skin girl from Manila and being invited in her home, like this I can see another neighborhood.
Down-falls? Well these gossips for shit reasons in my opinion, that’s the only thing I can remember, so it’s little compared to the rest. I wonder how it will be like in South America. Another bad thing is to say bye to them, wondering in how many years you’ll meet them again, if you meet them again....

6. In September 2004 issue of Maximum RnR there was scene report of some Japanese bands touring South-Eastern Asia and the guy who wrote it {I think he's American} had some very interesting quote when talking about Indonesian gig: "Why do we get so excited hearing about punk rock in some crazy new country? Why aren't we asking ourselves if punk rock is really all that appropriate to people whose cultures are so vastly different from ours? Perhaps if corrupt mainstream values from West are already seething into these places, it's nice to see our counterculture offered as an alternative, but I think I'd rather see an authentic and culturally relevant rebellion in response instead of one constructed with the instructions outlined in MRR". What do you think about it?
I’ll do not follow that statement at all because what is the ‘western’ culture and Indonesian culture exactly? And if there is a genuine western culture why it would be bad to bring it in a place like Indonesia? Everything from the ‘west’ is bad? Cultures have always been mixed, blended, and since a few decades the phenomenum has never been so amplified. Why punk could be bad for these people in Lima, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, New Dehli, Tehran...? Frankly what’s wrong with this.
But what I really want to point out is that, for me, the culture differences are not that much between countries but INSIDE countries. What I mean is that many people in the cities I just quoted (and elsewhere of course) have a life really close to ours (in the ‘west’) for some aspects: open to the world, following what is going on, use the new technologies, life their religious life in a personal way or don’t believe in a god, they are interested about consuming, want to choose their (sex/family) partners, would like their political system to be more open, and I want to quote that many are dreaming to live in ‘the west’ (especialy the youth)... they are into individualsim and living the globalisation. That’s why once the language barrier is broken you realize that these people live more like you do compared to many people in your own country who know shit about new technology, are conservative, not open to know/challenge the world problem etc... there a lot of them like that in my new little village and it is France! To say it in a different manner: a punk in Manila can have a closer way of thinkng/seeing things, that someone in the country side of its country, obviously. Now I know that there are still some differences between countries but it comes/is kept a lot about/by the economical situation and where they are living in the country. A country with 15/25% of its people striving to survive isn’t the same with one with 80%. Some countries are also more conservative, more repressive but still I don’t believe in a world were state borders or religions are the limit of some well marked culture. I think that classes still divides people a lot (especialy in poor/dictatorship places) and where people are living inside the country (town/village).
So no! my friends in Indonesia, Philippines... don’t have such a different culture (anymore). They have different opinion and all these ‘punks’ in Indonesia or Malaysia or... don’t think the same. Like everywhere. And well punk there (in 1/3 world countries) can really be an act of rebellion and they will not take everything mrr will said for granted. And I see a contradiction in what that guy said. He says that punk is a western culture thing (though there is punk in Philippines or Japan... since a very long time) and so it might corrupt some different culture and it can be bad. But I think that punk was against that ‘western culture/society’.
By the way what are corrupted western values, according to him, anyway?
Thinking that ‘western’ culture is the best is shit. But on the other hand thinking that all of the ‘western’ culure caracteristics are shit is stupid as well.

7. And one more similar questions - in your zine I read about Indonesian Communist {or even "Bolshevik"?} oi bands like GLASNOST and KREMLIN ho say "Thanx to Allah" on their thanx lists on their releases or about Malaysian crust bands who are just straight copy of some Scandinavian bands even with lyrics... Can you talk more about these "cultural conflicts", which are somewhat hard to understand for people living in Europe or in U.S.A.?
Well for the malay having scandinavian style it has nothing to do with culture but with merely copying, in my opinion. You have punk bands in Indonesia talking about fighting nazi punks. Well after all why not, it is just that in such countries they have closer problems. I don’t think that it is hard to dig that. After all being positive, fear of war, hate of cops, injustice are everywhere.
For the communist bands quoting Allah in their thanxs list it is more complicated and here we have a big contradiction. Here we can say that it is really the opposite, not copying anything, that’s really unique!
Well I have one album of Glasnost and one of Kremlin and they don’t thanx god, Hustler is also a red punk band from there and they don’t give any credit to god. But it’s true that I’ve a split with Glasnost and they do thanx god, the first thing thanxed by the way.
What to answer? I’ve never read their lyrics, their contact didn’t answered me. But it’s obvious that being a marxist-communist and saying thanxs to god is a a huge contradiction like I said. Well this band studied a lot marxism/communism? Indonesian society shown us that it is able to digest/blend many ideas/culture. That’s why even if they are muslim many people in that country still have hindu religion rites, superstition etc, even if it directly goes again Islam. Plus I think that many people there are seeing religion/god as a source of hope, not a set of rules you have to follow.
But anyway I’ve never asked them why this contradiction so I will not wonder for hours!
But it is true that religion is the biggest difference between them (punks) in those ‘muslim countries’ & the great majority of the punks in Europe and the whole american continent, Philippines, maybe China, Japan. For Iran I don’t know but many people in Iran are hating religion (not god). So yes the place of religion is the biggest difference, we can even call it cultural difference here, in my opinion. At first it was hard for me to understand but then I did and didn’t give much shit about that even though in my zine for sure I will say that I hate religion and being a red punk and believing in god is a contradiction. I’ll try to investigate a bit in Peru to know the links between punks and catholicism.
And I quote it one more time, Indonesia is a poor/corrupted countries but many punks are open to the world and its new ideas so atheism, hate of religion can only increase over there. Give them a few more years!

8. Religion has for sure huge influence in most of these exotic countries - how does it affect their hardcore/punk scenes? I think that in Malaysia there was recently a ban of black metal bands, do you know more about it? How do you deal with religion among hardcore/punk scene when you visit these countries? Your wife Fida is from Malaysia and you got married int her home-country, how did it went? Did you had to convert to
Islam because of it?

Well in Philippines (a strong chatolic country) it seems that most of the punk don’t like or don’t give a shit about religion. In Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore it is different and it is certainly the biggest ‘cultural’ difference with the punks there and their western counterparts. Yes I think that many ‘punks’ in these 3 countries do believe in Allah. Some are atheist too, of course. And in Malaysia they are more vocals to defend Islam, from my experience. Well I studied a lot Islam and one of my conclusion is that many people want/love to believe. Yes the envirionment put a lot of pressure to believe in Allah, and many are just scare about hell, are superstitious, and anyway if you must just believe in this abstract concept of a god and doing few things else then why not, that’s how I think they deal with that issue. I mean they believe like this they are less scare of hell, judgement day. Plus like I said live is difficult over there and religion/god looks like a positive things for many, something pure, fair... it becomes a personal hope. Yes it sounds ridiculous for me cos I’m atheist. Now you should know that many punks are not praying, drink alcohol, have sex before marriage, eat during the holy month and certainly don’t have a clear idea about all that. Or some don’t believe but don’t like to talk about that to people they don’t know much. Plus I think that the religious oppression isn’t their priority, the economical situation, corruption, brutal power
is more an issue. I also think that this religious think is evloving, I’m sure that their will be more and more people wo will be atheist in these countries. Plus don’t be mistaken, I’m sure that all thes people believing in god hate these religious parties, they are very selfish with their believes, I mean they want to live their religion the way they want to, they don’t want to live like in Iran! They don’t care if you don’t believe in the same god, no one ever tried to tell me that I’d convert.
Yes it is coming back this black metal issue, in Malaysia. This country is a dictatorship and the power is banning everything it doesn’t like, here it is a way to manipulate. But I don’t want to go deep inside malaysian society issues!
How do I deal with religion mixing with these punks scenes? Well first time I went to M’sia/Indo I didn’t know much about Islam, the second time was easier. I feel that many ‘punks’ are a bit lost/scared or love to believe in a God for themselves, for hope. Thus in Malaysia where religion is more manipulated by the power it seems that some punks are more sensitive about Islam. They see the religion as a culture aspect that the ‘west’ doesn’t like, oppress. So they defend Islam feeling that they are fighting agaisnt the ‘west’. Which is ridiculous in my opinion. Like here, in France, some north african people are defending Islam, though they never pray, drink alcohol, have sex before marriage... but Islam becomes an identity problem.
I tried to talk about that with them, issue with religions, normally they don’t talk about it, you have to start the conversation. And I’m glad about that long article I wrote about Islam in wgf zine last issue. At least many will listen to something they are not use to read! I think that is is important to tell them that religions sucks, but they don’t suck for following them. It’s a deep intelectual debate and anyway I don’t think that they talk much about religion in the scene. It used to be like that in late 90’s in Malaysia with remarks like ‘you should’t care to be sxe. If you don’t do drugs and don’t have sex before marriage it should not be because you want to follow the sxe way of life but because our religion tell us to do so’. Rafidah could tell you more about that. One more thing, I’ve never met any punk who was militant about Islam, they just talk about others issues and see religions/god as a very personal stuff. That’s what I think and I might be wrong. Of course
Well talking about my marriage might be boring but sure prejudice isn’t a shit coming from white people only! Yes I had to convert but for me it was just to get a paper! I don’t believe and I know why! And when you know my situation with my wife, malaysian authorities etc then it was ok for me to just say some little stupid thing in arab to convert! Well it is more complicated but it might be boring to talk more about it.

9 You do the zine for long time already and distro too and recently you helped to release split CD of bands from Philippines and Indonesia -I think that your activities are great example how the people from Western countries can help more to bands from scenes which are not so rich or so developed. On the other hand I think that there are still many
prejudices among "Western" (I mean U.S. + Western European) punx towards the exotic/developing punk scenes - I think that many people simply do ignore anything not coming from U.S./Scandinavia/Japan - what do you think are the reasons for it? Maybe people do worry about the bad sound quality or they think that these countries don't have so "rich" hardcore/punk history, so they automatically assume that current bands can not be good at all because of it? How's the response to your zine/distro in France or Western Europe in general?

Well I’ll try to answer for France but I guess that in many other western european countries and north america it might be the same.
At first there is a language problem with France, still few people speak fluent or good enough englsih or spanish but it is not the only reason. For a long time these s.e. asian scenes (and latin america) were very underground, no internet, very few contacts. So few zines talked about them. Plus it is true that most of the music we got had a bad sound quality. Now it is really easier cos of internet, this tool really opened these countries cos normal mail is very expensive for them. But also the punk explosion happened in the mid 90’s in Indonesia/Malaysia. But, yes, I agree, still few zines are talking about that, few distro sell their music. It has been 4 years that I touch ‘lot’ of people in France with my activities, through the collective zines etc... but very few people want to buy music from these asian countries (I sell copied tapes/cdr for cheap). Maybe it is because they dont want tapes anymore or that they have too much music, or it’s simply because they don’t want to discover these bands coming from countries they don’t know much about. I really ask myself the question/reasons. But sure many poeple are very polite with exotic punk scene. Their attitude is that it is really great to help them, but few will go any further. Well that’s my experience here. Having radical slogan about internationalism is one thing, do something ‘real’ for it is another....!
And I truly think that it is a shame cos many bands there have a great sound quality, do excellent music and for sure they need support. I often get emails from Indonesia/Philippines asking me if I can copy/distro/produce their records. Or just talk about them. The split cd I did with Istukas o.d. and Crashed Out was a way to expose these bands in Europe but also, and that’s very important, to support financialy these bands. I paid for the studio (100 euros each, cheap I think), gave them cash when I was there to record new songs or buy instruments, or do merchandising they will sell (many do that there), I sent them copies of the split cd and some other cds I trade (cos getting music from abroad is so expansive for them). So I really feel I support them. Unfortunately I don’t have time to deal with pro production anymore, my zines takes too much.
Now my conclusion is that if many more labesl from these rich countries (western/northern Europe, Japan, north am.) helped the bands in these poor countries then it’d be a true sign of solidarity and a true evidence of fight against this totally unfair economical system. I don’t want to say that you mustn’t support the local scene or the scene in u.s./U.K./Holland... but what I see is that the support to the local scene and these ‘hype’ countries almost take everything. But most of the people in the rich country can get enough money to record and do their label, buy their instrument etc... maybe they are lazy or not that motivated to do it themselves, I don’t know, but their opportunity to do things are 100 times more important. Obviously. So I prefer give time, money to those who need it more in my opinion.
By the way what we call eastern Europe needs support as well, especialy places like Bulgaria/Romania/Belarus/Slovakia... no need to go to the other side of the planet.
Now for Latin america scenes I don’t know how much support they get. The existance of them is known since a longer time. Plus there are millions of latino imigrants in the u.s. who can be a good stage/relay and can support them. Plus many punks in France and other european countries have a good picture of latino punks due to their clear anarko punk positions, fight against globalisation. The problem is again the language though I think that more people in latin america speak englsih compared to 10 years ago. But still I don’t think that many people want to support much a punk band from Lima compared to one from Portland.
All that also sucks cos the one who can easily express themselves through their lyrics or zines are always the same, those with money. It’s like the elections in the rich countries, money decide. Someone from a rich country can easliy send free copies abroad, not someone from a poor countries. Well intrenet is changing that. So we know well about the problem in u.s. but what about those elsewhere, in remote places?
By the way are people in Czech interested with ‘exotic’ punk scenes or they just want to get the new Tragedy album? Ah ah ah!

10. Even with good intentions it can sometimes happen that you get misunderstood and some unpleasant conflicts may arise - in last issue of your zine you printed some heavy criticism of girl from Philipinian Pro-Piracy distro criticizing you as "spoiled West European not respecting their country/values" and there was also similar criticism in recent MRR review of your zine, which said: "...it is pretty transparent that the author has a very patronizing attitude concerning these scenes and is quite intense in his criticism of Islam and those countries societies..." How would you respond to this?
(Ps pro piracy from jakarta, not philippines!)
Well Ika from Pro Piracy (I think she is the one who answered) didn’t said that exactly. It is the interpretation I have too and I think this is what she wanted to say. But in general I feel that many people in Indonesia (and elsewhere) have a complex of inferiority and rage agaisnt the ‘west’. It comes from history (colonisation, support of the dictatorship) and with the fact that the ‘west’ is ruling the world economicaly, the media, influence... and some of their problem is because of the economical system the ‘west’ is imposing, that’s obvious. So when me (a white from a very rich country) is critisizing or is suspicious about some aspect of the life there it can be badly interpreted. But what really pissed me off is that the reproaches didn’t come from ‘serious’ issue for me (like politics, religion..) but from food! Yes I’m vegan, don’t like spicy food and didn’t know about the food over there so I was questioning about it. Plus watch out what you are eating when you travel there if you dont want to spend one week (or more!) in the hospital! It went quite big these talks about me not respecting their food=their ‘culture’. It went to S’pore, in some zines reviewing mine. I was also reproached to be paranoid about the people. Well these countries are not that safe (M’sia/S’pore are) so I watched out. Only a fool would not. Do you have an idea how it is like to arrive in a city, with a bus, at 19h, when it is all dark, you are the only white with a big bagback, many are looking at you, many want to rip you off... yes watch out!
So my zine is a good way to explain myself and I’m sure that many people in Asia don’t know that their food can be dangerous for us not living under that climate, or that we haven’t been brought with piments! Or that we don’t have tofu, tempeh, mee goreng, sambal pedas everywhere and we know nothing about it. And anyway have you ever seen a vegan not watching about his/her food! Ah ah! I must add that I didn’t hear any issue with food and me in the Philippines. Also stories cos I didn’t atke enough shower or my clothes smelled. Well it’s warm & humid and I’m not the kind of guy going to hotel. You see thes ekinds of reproaches, quite weak for me to doa story.
About the quote coming from mrr. Well I looked in my dictionary what ‘patronizing’ means and it can have different meaning so I don’t know what the person doing that review wanted to really mean. So I will not answer to that part of my zine review. But I will use that to say that some people in the ‘west’ have a shame problem toward these countries. They think we are responsible of all their problems, that we still want to tell them what to do/think. So when you point out the shit in these 1/3 world countries, then, they (these ‘westerners’) feel like you are still giving lessons, still try to impose your ‘white rich man’ mentality. You can call that pc correctness maybe. Me I don’t give a single damn about it. I don’t have a complex to critisize things, I’m not responsible at all of what France’s people/government did before I was born and other people/government elsewhere, I’m not responsible for all the ignorance religions have been spreading... And sure I hate all religions so I talk shit a lot about Islam, of course. But I don’t talk shit about muslims, cos they are individuals and some are nice some aren’t. And someone is not only a jew or a muslim... we should get rid of ours complex cos we are not responsible of what happened in the past. Plus does it help to not point out the problems? Should we say that everything bad happening in these 1/3 world countries is only because of the ‘west’. Read about Algeria present history then! Anyway if you don’t critic enough you can be said to be naive, and if you critisize some will say that you have an arrogant mentality due to your position living in a rich/’free’ country. My answer: semua pergi basoh bontot mereka, in Indonesia it means ‘all go watch your ass’!

11. I know that you have pretty wide musical taste from oi, through old school HC to crust {I know, I know, only little bit of "crust", haha!}. Could you recommend some good bands from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines... you can talk more about them, their releases etc.
Pff I don’t want to do a list with dozens band names! You know in Jakarta itself there are so many good band musicaly, for any style really, in Malaysian too or Philippines. The best for your readers who can speak englsih is to get my zine! Well I really like Marjinal, Thinking Straight, Glasnost, Error Crew, the End, Keparat, the Tot, Bunga Hitam, Nostalgia, I.O.D. and tons of other bands. By the way Pinoy punks (Philippines’ punks) already did very good music in early 80’s, as good as italian punk at this time, wild & furious.
Most of the releases were on tapes, since a few years cd/cdr are becoming big. Most of the releases have the same sound quality than other bands elsewhere and all style are represented. Filip there are tons of violent crust/grind in Asia! Most of the band don’t have their instrument, it is so expensive! They share/rent them at shows. By the way shows are often an opportunity to play. Accoustic guitar are a good way to practise. Many bands create a label to produce themselves, but labels like here exist too, of course. Money is the eternal problem. It is the opposite compared to here. Here we have lot of money but few people in the scene. So many bands will never record anything or just live recording. Most of the shows are with local bands so they see them many times. Imagine when a band from abroad is coming to visit them! By the way I re-copy like 50 different albums from asian bands. I sell the tapes for 2,5 euro without postage. It might be expensive in Czech but on my distro list you can have an idea of the music, band names etc...

12. What about gigs in these "exotic" countries? I know you attended quite a few of them, how they are different from typical European squat or club gig?
The shows I saw in Philippines/Indonesia didn’t let the band a long time to play, from 7 to 10 minutes only cos so many bands want to play. In Malaysia it was like here, around 30 minutes. The 2 shows I saw in Phil. were weird cos they sat down and it was boring to just see the band playing a few songs. The sound wasn’t good but well it didn’t really matter. Less alcohol than here but 90% are teenagers cos half of the poulation in these countries are less than 25 years old. More boys than girls, skinheads (communist or nationalist), crusty, anarko punks, old school hc sxe playing all together in the shows I saw in Jakarta. Sometimes a band which is not on the list invite itself to play cos like I said it is sometimes the only time they can use these kind of instruments. For Malaysia it is different cos it is a less poor countries. The show I saw in Kuala Lumpur suburbs was like here with drunk people, distros... no women with veil if you wonder! They can play in a club, a big restaurant garden, an universty basket ball court... suqta there? I don’t know.
But I saw like 5 shows during my 2 trips so the best would be to ask them!

13. How easy or difficult is it to "survive" as the vegan in these exotic countries? Is vegetarianism/veganism or animal rights in general a popular topic among punx in these countries?
Makanan di sana sedap sekali! It means the food there si excellent, Malaysia must be THE place for vegetarian (with India I guess). Here I talk’bout Indonesia/Malaysia. They have a lot of tufu, soy products, fruits, vegetables, rice, noodles etc. So even if they are eating damn lot of chicken it is easy to ask for meat-less meal. Plus there are food stalls everywhere, they cook like this in the street, or many little restaurant. They are eating few milk or cheese. So being vegetarian is easy. Now for vegan it seems difficult cos you never know if there isn’t some shrimp paste, or a few butter in indian food (lot in malaysia). But if you really want to be vegan you might only eat white rice and fruits.... and be weak after a few weeks. In Philippines it was really a pain in the ass! They are blending meat with everything. The ‘punks’ even go on fast food cos it is really an ‘americanized’ society in the big cities. Hopefully in the malls theer was some vegan restaurant with good tofu. But you know going there to eat in a mall... so I ate lot of white rice and my friend Eman in Manila was living very close to an Indian food store selling many stuff with the same price than in the asian stores down my parent home (very expensive for them). So sometimes you drop veganism which is not the end of the world I think. But for sure it is impossible for me to eat any meat. One time In Malaysia, near the sea, I asked for rice, you know I speak the language and english is widely used. They brought me rice with many little fishes inside!. It was late, about to close, and no others places opened. So I put away all the little fishes for the cats. Only one time it happened so it was ok.
Well in Malaysia 10% of the population is from India, 35% from China. In these countries vegeterianism is something common. Malay are using lot of tofu in their cuisine, or fish. I think that a meat less diary is more understood/accepted there compared to France or Argentina! And like I said they don’t have much diary product like cheese or milk. So once you are vegetarian you are almost vegan there. In Indonesia it is almost the same in Jawa (others parts of the country can be diferent, like in the ‘deep’ jungle where they eat every kind of animal, especially non muslims). And I guess than in Philippines big city it is the same with here: Some understand, some don’t, but I don’t know.
Well few ‘punks’ are veggie in France, it is the same in these countries. It can only increase with debates/writting about it. One big difference, meat is more expensive (almost?) everywhere. So for them it can be a difference. Plus many are living in their parent home so they are eating what is cooked/bought.
Well you know these punks are influneced by the ‘west’, so some are influenced by animal rights (you see everything from the west isn’t bad! Here it is punk bringing animal right issues. Tough India/China have a really stronger/deeper animal right ‘culture’). But I think that being vegetarian isn’t their first problem at all, there are so many more. Even if it is not an excuse to not caring about animal rights cos I think that animal rights/vegansim are more a part of the solution than the problem (waste of lands, water, pollution, ethics...).
Once again things can change in theses countries so I just write for now. And in the pro piracy interview I asked the question and Ika told me that it was increasing (animal rights/vegeterianism) in the Indonesian punk scene.

14. I really like the way in which you criticize average consumer society in France with it's living standard, which is really high compared to most of these exotic countries, but despite this you have still people complaining for not being able to buy some luxury goods etc. While Czech Rep. is for sure not the poorest country in the world and I myself
travel a lot around the world, it always makes me smile that you can work as a garbage-picking man or gardener for few months and then spend the rest of the year traveling... so what about your daily life and job in France - do you complain about anything?

Well I was about to die in a mountain or walked hours under the rain etc... and never complained so...
You can have a shit job here it will be at the minimlum wage (6 euro/hour once taxes given). So if you don’t have a famiy, expensive home/car then yes you can travel or buy lot of records etc... plus the middle class is important here, meaning that many people have parents who can support them. For sure it would be insulting to compare the situationn of 90% of the people living here with more than half of the world population. By the way I got a lot of shit for saying that in France. Some french ‘punk’ are saying that I say that to do nothing here. But for me it is just a fact. Yes there are poor people here too, but like 10%, not 60% or more, plus we have a good/lot of welfare helping you paying the rent, education is for free, hospital cheap etc... So yes many people here are complainng that they can not buy a new car, new vcd, mobile, new 100 euros shoes... or travel. We live in an over consumption society and many are victim of that. It has been like that since the 60’s so it looks normal for people here, becaus ewe’re saying that we are not in a 1/3 world country. The standard for many french is to have a comfortable home, car, holidays, tv, mobile, being able to buy new clothes, having leisures... and if you don’t have this many would feel like poor people. While the standards for the greatest part of the population is to be able to pay for the rent and the food and the schools for the child, maybe having a big/confortable enough home. Then having a fridge would be great, a car would be a dream etc... so you see the differences.
No I don’t complain, it’d be insulting. And if I do so then it is because the french state/system gives many money to the rich. It means that the average french could be richer, getting like 1500 e a month except of 1000/1200 e if we shared more. Or I complain cos if we are rich it is also because we are benefiting so much from the global economical system imposed by a few rich country, France is part of them. That’s why I try to distribute a bit of the money I get here through my activities, it’s like giving back somethig stolen.
I did a lot of minimum wage job, shit ones. Now I have a good one for 4 months and a half a year (if they hire me again next winter!). I work at the big ski resort near my new home, at the chairlift. Compared to my previous job it is great though I work 9h a day. I get like 1600 e a month (once taxes paid) so for me it is a damn a lot! But I don’t have a car or children... life is quite expensive here.
But with that money I can send more zine and cds for free, that’s great, I even send some money to friends from time to time. Plus I can travel. But it hasn’t been like that everytime, my wife didn’t work so I had to support 2 people with really less money when I was on the dole. But we could pay the rent, buy enough food... so it is ok, not for 3 years but still it is ok due to the way I live.
Well I live in that small village since june 05. It is great if you like mountain. I like to read, do my zine, walk in the mountains, sometimes watching tv, learning foreign languages. Cheap activities. Skate/snow boarding too, I try to not put a lot of money in these 2 activities. Cooking and travel when I can. But since mid december, since I work, I don’t have much time to do all that. Well in late april it’d be over and this summer, after south america, I will have lot of time for all that. I plan to do 4 zines this summer! I hope that I’ll not receive long itw like this one!

15. Few years ago you traveled together with Fida around Eastern Europe including Poland, Czech and Slovakia, how did you liked it here? Any special memories?
Well I liked the mounatins in Slovak rep even if many people were a bit special there, wild? Really influenced by the 30 years + of red fascism regime? All these soya products available everywhere were amazing, we don’t have this in France at all. Well it was also nice to meet some new people or hanging around with New Winds from Portugal. The cities in your country are beatiful even if I don’t really give a damn about these kind of things. But for sure Bratislava was really ugly and scaring. Yes the show in the country side in Slovakia was wild, like in the middle age with saussice on the barbecue caried by cruties punk rocker. The stage was a truck trailer! So it was nice but I prefered my trips in s.e. asia for the big differences you can’t really get in these 3 countries we visited. Ah yes I forgot, your musik collection was impressive with bands like Psychoterror or the first 7 seconds demo! Anyway I never get pissed off with travelling, well sometimes Fida was pissing me off, she isn’t used to travel at all like that, like slepping in the country side in the middle of nowhere. Kofola was a great memory!

16. Which countries you plan to visit next time? What about your planned trip to Iran? There's an Iran scene report in last issue of your zine, so did you managed to find some punk contacts in this very isolated country? How does the hardcore/punk scene in Iran looks alike?
Well in early may I go for 2 months in Peru/Bolivia. I think that I’ll be totally crazy there. Speaking spanish, over huge mountains, with huge glaciers, huge volcanoes, deserts, crazy landsapes... But I’m also a fan of spanish language bands. Lima has so many good bands, so I wish to see them playing. I also wish to meet the bolivian punk/hc scene. I know it exists but Bolivia is the poorest south am. Country. Even people in the surrounding countries don’t have much links with them!
About Iran, pff I could talk for hours about that place. I wish to go there in october if I can get the visa, otherwise it might be the eastern part of Turkey. I still learn how to speak the language of Iran, and how to read/write it. Yes a very underground scene exist, and with the very conservative regime it must be very hard to be punk there. Worst than in China I guess. Punk is seen aas western thing, rebelious, against islam value that the regime use.
I don’t realy know much than you do cos all I know was said in the interview I did. So once you read it... Yes if I go to Theran I’ll try to dig it but if I get caught I might have troubles and not be allowed to go back in Iran! I think that this scene is composed by middle class people, but I’m not sure. What I suppose is that Mtv did a good work to promote punk in these countries (like in Malaysia). The only chance to listen to things like Niravana, Green Day... it is funny for us in the diy political punks but ours realities are not the same. Luk hass of tam 89 recs gave me the contact, he had been there several times. But my contact in Iran spend more time abroad than in Iran. I will tell you more about it if I go there!

17. OK, that's all, thank you very much for your answers and feel free to add anything you want.
Isn’t it long enough? Ah ah! Well I could talk about many things, the people who will read that should not prevent themselves to discuss about it with me but I don’t speak your language who seems so difficult for me. Thanxs you Filip to allow me to express myself, I find your band more and more punk! I hope that my answers were not too boring, we talked a lot about Asia here. It would please me to write regulary to your zine, giving news about what I discovereed in Peru/Bolivia and maybe Iran. You are a good mean to break language barriers.
And I want to say that I’m really impressed by your zine. It is written in a language few people can read (like 15 millions), us in France (60 million) who have very few like yours though the potential is bigger to do such zines (more reader, more money). But I’ll never have the money to turn wgf in such a well done zine. I only sell like 10% of the copies! One last thing: is it true that in Slovak rep. They’re digging in the ground to get Kofola? That’s what our friends in Bratisalava explained to my wife on the way to that wild show! Kofola is like meca cola in France or zin zin in Iran, it is a rip off but it will deeply fucked up that system. Support kofola/destroy imperialism!
Ok contact me here if you want WGF, 8 crs Gambetta, 69007 Lyon, France xwgfx@yahoo.fr
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