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(19 | 05 | 2009 - 08:58 - reactions: 0) sonic
New Czechcrore.cz
Byla spuštìna nová verze czechcore.cz.
Protože není možné naimportovat jednuše staré galerie a obrázky k èlánkùm, rozhodli sme se že necháme starou verzi bìžet zde na adrese old.czechcore.cz.

HARDCORE - is more than music
Im Februar 2009 ging ein Aufschrei durch die Hardcore- und Musikszene nachdem sich ein bekannter Neonazi die Wortmarke „Hardcore“ beim Deutschen Patent- und Markenamt eintragen ließ.

Das Entsetzen über diese Dreistigkeit und den damit ... more...
others:::...en(23 | 04 | 09 - 15:09 - reactions:0) gnwp.cz
The Interview with Otto Itkonen / Selfish, Forca Macabra,...
The interview is from Czech zine HLUBOKA ORBA issue 26.

1. Back in early 90s you used to live in Czech for few years, your bands used to tour here quite often, you have played in band/project here in Brno, you even found your wife in Czech ... more...
interviews:::...en(09 | 02 | 09 - 11:37 - reactions:0) DIY
The Interview with Seb / WE GONNA FIGHT zine
The interview is from Czech zine HLUBOKA ORBA issue 26.

1. Could you introduce your zine to people who have never seen it? What about your others activities?
Well which zine are you talking about cos I do/participate to several! Well ... more...
interviews:::...en(27 | 01 | 09 - 13:53 - reactions:0) DIY
Antifaschistische Protestaktion – 13. Dezember 2008 Prag
Gegen rassistische Pogrome, gegen soziale Ausgrenzung, für ein würdevolles Leben für alle.
In den letzten zwei Jahren kam es in Tschechien zu einer sichtlichen Zunahme an neonazistischen Aktivitäten und Provokationen. Auch die ... more...
others:::...en(24 | 11 | 08 - 09:28 - reactions:0) antifa.cz
Obstacles – Decomposition of Movement

After Children of Fall broke up, guitarist Thomas and drummer Morten (Danish section COF) started a new band called Obstacles. On their first European tour Emil from COF played bass, but long distance displayed its bad side. Before their ... more...
record reviews:::...en(04 | 10 | 08 - 22:13 - reactions:0) Jirzophone
news from Koepi
at the moment its horrible in berlin, especially around koepi and in
kreuzberg and friedrichshain. many things happened
first some infos about koepi.
our new owner still didnt pay the whole money and he told our lawyer
that he wants to come and ... more...
words:::...en(29 | 05 | 07 - 13:43 - reactions:0) sonic

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(08 | 01 | 2009 - 14:59 - reactions: 0) Lee666
ANN AND PAT in exile ... finally starting to do shows again!!!
This month we are still working on good solutions to do shows again, but it looks quite well!!!

So here are our new dates for 2009:

FIRST SHOW - 07/02/09 – AMBASSADOR (Linz) + PATH OF SIN (Linz)


21/02/09 – Repulsione (ITL) + Cancer Spreading (ITL) + Seitan-Terror (Linz)

20/03/09 – Very First Time Festival with: Against Electrostatic + Suicide Fish + Stereoslap + Satiary
21/03/09 – Very First Time Festival with: Freaky Root + Horse Skeleton + Triggaz + Nothing in a Box

... for more infos pls check:

ANN AND PAT @ mySpace


Lederergasse 7
4020 Linz - AUSTRIA
(05 | 01 | 2009 - 20:10 - reactions: 0) m11
Play Fast or Dont
HERE you can find a new myspace profile of your favourite festival.
(17 | 12 | 2008 - 18:45 - reactions: 0) Lee666
ANN AND PAT in exile.... part 3.
*** Solution in sight ***

Cause it's not possible for us to tumble the ordinance, which will take more then five years.... we decided to be creative...
we will try to do shows again – anyhow... we promise...
hopefully we can start with the shows about febuary 2009, cause we need some more time to avoid the technics :-)

fore more infos about the shows ols check: www.ann-and-pat.at
(05 | 12 | 2008 - 19:24 - reactions: 0) Lee666
ANN AND PAT in exile.... part 2.

Neverending problems....

Here we are again... with no solution... :-/
After the new proceedings yesterday with the sound-guy from the state we lost again... still no permissions to do concerts for us....the proceedings reached now the political level on which we have no effect on anymore. our administration of business has to work on it now... hopefully with a good solution...we will see... we will let you know soon about what what we could fight out.
thx for your understanding.
Lee & team.
(20 | 11 | 2008 - 14:06 - reactions: 0) Lee666
ANN AND PAT in exile ....
unfortunately it happened again to us... we lost you permissions ... and we dont know when we will get them back :-/

the history:
on friday nov. 14th we got installed our NEW limiter-machine, which is limiting the sound from the stage to the PA to 100db(A).
if the sound is more then 100db(A) for more then 10 seconds, the limiter is muting the PA! :-(

unfortunately this has happened on nov 14th all the time.
the problem is, that in our permissions we are limited to 100db(A) and if we would play louder, our permissions will be gone for ever: the limiter is writing a log and this means that the "permission-guys"/state-police can check it anytime.

so it looks like for us its not possible anymore to make shows.

this week we are gonna work on new proceedings for MORE db(A), but it can also happen that we will fail.

nobody suspected it to come like this.
we are tryin our best to save the shows, but we will know more after the next week.

cheers, and sorry, Lee & ann and pat.

ANN AND PAT in exile...

22/11/08 – THE DEAD VOWS (ex-SMACKDOWN /SWE) + Soey (neustadtpunk) ===> @ KAPU
29/11/08 – KRUM BUMS (USA) + NASTY DISEASE + A.S.S.I. ===> @ KAPU
06/12/08 - DJEVARA (UK) + THE MENACE ===> @ ALTE WELT

Kapuzinerstraße 36
4020 Linz

Hauptplatz 4
4020 Linz

===> for more info pls check: www.ann-and-pat.at or www.cateyebooking.com
(05 | 08 | 2008 - 09:39 - reactions: 0) Auss
RAVELIN 7 - Ten Year Anniversary Party
Come to celebrate our 10th anniversary since first show. The celebration will be held between Friday 8.8. and Sunday 10.8. Together with us will celebrate artists like Fuck Da Karot, Anyway, Opitz, Assasins, Hudrbanden a Dreams come true.

All bands will play on Friday 8.8. and after the bands will come DJ's that will perform until Sunday. Event is open air on the "Cervenak" - u Branan u Mostu.

In case of bad weather or other troubles, the event will be moved to the club Terasa in Litvinov, where eventually only live bands would perform, and only on Friday.
(01 | 07 | 2008 - 16:34 - reactions: 0) DIY
CASTET Punk Side Of The Moon LP/CD out now
CASTET "Punk Side Of The Moon" LP/CD is out now!!!
CASTET myspace
Castet is a 5 piece hardcore punk band from Silesia area in Poland.
Castet members are known from their activity in HC/Punk scene from late 80s/early 90s. Their singer Fakir started his Enigmatic Records in 1989 - one of the first
independent record labels in Poland; he is also former member of legendary HC/punk outfit 7 Godzin Snu; other guys are past or current members of Braindead, Minority,
7 Godzin Snu, Repress, Koyaanisqatsi, Wzajemna Pewnosc Zniszczenia etc.; they are involved in booking shows, they did fanzines in the past, they are dedicated till death...
Drawing their influences from bands like JFA, SOIA, The Stupids, Warzone, YOT, BGK, WHN?, Infest, GG Allin, The Accused, Minor Threat, Go!, Terveet Kadet,
Poison Idea, DRI, Code Of Honor, Negative Approach, COC, Sheer Terror, Articles Of Faith, Negazione, Heresy, Adolescents ( to name just a few) they play fast, short
songs in the vein of early 80s style. The lyrics are about fun, hardcore, punk, scene, hate, girls and drinking. Not so serious and just for fun.
They started in 2003 and apart from playing with many Polish hc/punk bands, they also played gigs with bands like Poison Idea, Another Breath, The Accused,
Dayglo Abortions, Golers, Mental, Justice, Verse, Come Closer, Endstand, Face The Fact, John Ball, Thema 11 or Lights Out, Righteous Jams, True Colors, B.U.S.H..
They have song on the new international HC/Punk compilations: "Global Uprising" CD released by War Dog Records from Detroit, USA. (34 bands in total, from USA & UK
to Hawaii & South Africa). They are also on many Polish comps; they sold first pressing of 1st CD very quickly which is very rare now in Poland.
They also did a small tour in Germany & Holland in 2006. Castet is maybe the first band in Poland which is accepted by all kinds of public - punx, crusties, skinheads,
thrashers, SE kids, even by young emo girls which could be their daughters....

Punk Side Of The Moon” is a second album of Castet and it has just been released by biggest Polish hardcorepunk label/zine Pasazer Records on both CD and vinyl.
CD consits of 13 short, sharp and raging songs in just 17 minuts. One song of this album: "Travel Punk" was released by Czech located Bad Dream Records on a "No Place
To Call Home" CD compilation. You can check out two other songs from this record on band's mypace profile.
The vinyl version (on blue color) consits of band's both albums, so it's a good deal for those who haven't heard the "Kings Of Punk" debut album.
If you prefer the CD the good news is that it's still available directly from PASAZER Records. 12 songs in 15 minutes. Listen and enjoy!
They are currently looking forward to start another tour to promote their new album. They want to play everywhere so if you can help to book some
show(s) just get in touch. If you need band for compilation or split EP write them. Interviews are also accepted.... Keep it Hardcore!

If you want to buy your copy contact Castet or Pasazer (they also have tons of other releases and do trades)

contact CASTET
Castet, PO BOX 40, 41-709 RUDA SLASKA 9, POLAND

(23 | 05 | 2008 - 04:38 - reactions: 0) DIY
Bass player looking for a band
Hey people.

Some of you know, some not yet...nevermind... Just shortly. I'm no longer part of Flowers For Whores and I'm not gonna go into details here. Anyways...I'm looking for very dedicated band, which wants to play a LOT. I mean a fucking LOT!!! I'm ready to do ANY sacrifices. If I say ANY, I mean I can do ANYTHING needed. I'm used to touring, being broke, being fuckin' busy with booking and not seeing my family for over half a year. So on, so on...

If you know about a band who wants to play every weekend, full of very nice and friendly people from hardcore or metal scene, playing cool music and not being bunch of dumbasses. Drop me line with their link...


(09 | 01 | 2008 - 19:09 - reactions: 0) m11
Today, around 10 a.m. bailiff together with cops came to Rozbrat squat. The policemen drilled the lock of the gate, the bailiff had a courts permission to come in and estimate the price of the ground. The middle part of Rozbrat squat (including both concert halls, gallery, bars, library and part of the living area) was indebted for a long time by a company that doesnt exist anymore. The ground price evaluation today means that the ground can be auctioned witthin one or two months – that can mean the end of Rozbrat squat – the longest occupied space in Poland. We ll keep you informed. We count on you being ready to organize solidarity actions by you and your groups! Were not gonna give up without fight!
more about the squat: HERE
(24 | 12 | 2007 - 16:16 - reactions: 0) m11
Defend Köpi – Resist the Eviction
On the 8th of May, our living and cultural centre Köpi in the Köpenickerstrasse 137, that has been in existence for 17 years, and the land next to it (our trailer park), were sold by auction - even though the inhabitants and sympathizers strongly protested against it. The house was bought by a Besnik Fichtner as the single bidder. Since all of our grounds were sold for nearly half of the property value given, it seems that the deal was already pre-arranged between the Commerzbank and the district court. The Commerzbank didn't want to talk to Köpi when we requested talks before the auction. Commerzbank was the initiator of the auction. Behind all these deals, lurks Sanus AG and the real estate clan Nehls, especially Siegfried Nehls, representing the management board of Sanus AG. In between all these arrangements, Fichtner, who is only a craftsman (floorer), is probably only a puppet. After some exchange of letters between lawyers, inhabitants of Köpi got their termination of contracts for 31.05.2008. Reasons: Economic inefficiency of the house – demolition and new construction are cheaper than renovation!
To underpin all this, we also received detailed accounts and building plans. Further, Fichtner is planning a big tree-chopping action on our grounds. This is probably the beginning of the offence against us and our space (this might especially affect the trailer park). We will resist it with all the power we have.

Keep your eyes and ears open, show solidarity and organize yourselves.

To prevent the upcoming eviction in June, we invite you to join us for the

Action Days between 28th of May and 1st of June 2008
in and around Köpi in Berlin.

Within the scope of the action days there will be a demonstration on Sunday, 1st of June

On Saturday, 31st of May there is a big street party planned with international bands appearing.

As a matter of course there will be actions in the run-up as well.

Lets put the senate and the Nehls family under pressure ----

Köpi Stays Risk Capital!

Take part in the action days from 28th of May till 1st of June 2008 in Berlin!
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